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I repost some of my RSS feed posts here sometimes. This is a view of all of them.

NOTE: You can see all of them using my RSS feed.

Posts 30-39

I HATE NONFREE SOFTWARE (install gnu icecat) // 2022-09-23 by speedie

Posts 20-29

RIP in peace rchat (and releasing its replacement) // 2022-09-21 by speedie
SHILL POSTS ARE BACK! fontctrl (Fonts on GNU/Linux-Improved) // 2022-09-17 by speedie
I AM TOO AWESOME FOR SMARTPHONES! // 2022-09-15 by speedie
Vim: You're wasting your life away if you don't use it. // 2022-09-04 by speedie
I left GitHub and you should too! // 2022-08-23 by speedie
What happened to spDE? (And announcement) // 2022-07-23 by speedie
Why I ban software. // 2022-07-20 by speedie
PipeWire Review (RSS REVIEWS!!!) // 2022-07-04 by speedie
rchat 1.3 is out! (I AM GREAT AT PUSHING UPDATES!) // 2022-06-29 by speedie

Posts 10-19

dwm: dynamic window greatness! // 2022-06-18 by speedie
I HATE ATI!!! // 2022-06-18 by speedie
Website update // 2022-06-10 by speedie
Return of the rchat (rchat 1.0 is out) // 2022-06-07 by speedie
Are GNU/Linux users elitist or are normies too stupid to learn? // 2022-06-06 by speedie
Why I switched license from MIT to GPLv3 // 2022-06-05 by speedie
Open source: Fake freedom. // 2022-06-05 by speedie
I HATE APPLE!!! // 2022-05-23 by speedie
Why I don't support RiiConnect24. // 2022-05-20 by speedie
Smartphones are only smart because you're dumb. // 2022-05-04 by speedie
xinit is bloated // 2022-04-30 by speedie

Posts 1-9

Everything I want to use is Chromium // 2022-04-26 by speedie
Half an rchat (rchat 0.5 is out) // 2022-04-26 by speedie
rchat 0.4 is here (Now available on Arch and Gentoo) // 2022-04-24 by speedie
It's time to stop using Adblock Plus (seriously stop) // 2022-03-12 by speedie
Happy 20th Birthday Arch Linux! // 2022-03-11 by speedie
What you can expect from Project 081 0.6 // 2022-03-10 by speedie
Dear soydevs: Stop making desktop applications bloated // 2022-03-10 by speedie
Notice for spDE users // 2022-03-09 by speedie
Stop making GNU/Linux user friendly.. sort of // 2022-03-09 by speedie