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WARNING: I am no longer maintaining this project. Feel free to submit a pull request or an issue but I may or may not fix it. With that being said, this script should be safe to use. It may not completely remove all bloatware though.


Windows "debloater" specifically for Windows 11 (now with 10 support) that relies on the App Installer and "winget" Made this just because I had some free time and was fucking around with 11 build 21996.1



Before running

Please run "winget list" in CMD and accept the terms. Otherwise nothing will be deleted. Actually 0.95 may have fixed this problem by doing it automatically. Still try this if you can't get it to work!


Directly from GitHub

.zip from GitHub, Unofficial SoftPedia mirror.

How to use

Download the latest script from one of the mirros above and run the .bat as Administrator. Then simply follow the instructions on-screen.

About SoftPedia

The SoftPedia mirror is unofficial and I never gave them permission to host my software but I greatly appreciate it even though they didn't ask for permission. I am however not responsible for any malware found in their version. To be safe, grab the version from my GitHub

NOTE: I am not responsible for any data loss caused by this script. I have tested this on many Windows 11 install but please have common sense. Thank you!

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