Forwarder Factory

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Forwarder Factory

Forwarder Factory is a community of Nintendo Wii hackers who try to preserve homebrew and official software so that it can be accessed by anyone years from now as freeware.

It is owned and hosted by speedie. We have an IRC channel on the network (#ff) and a Discord server.

What are our goals?

Our goals is to preserve Nintendo Wii homebrew and make it accessible to anyone years later. It's already becoming very clear that this stuff is getting harder to find, and a lot of media is already completely gone after Nintendo shut down the DarkUmbra hacking/piracy forum back in 2017.

This sent a very strong message to me and perhaps others: this kind of media must be preserved. Efforts were already being made years ago but preservation wasn't considered as important back when the Wii was at its homebrew peak. (After all, these were just channels for a soon to be obscure console)

How can I help?

If you wish to support our efforts, you can take action by doing any of the following:


Below is a list of our preservation projects at this time. Feel free to contribute in any way possible.

Not sure where to go? Here are a few links!