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MagmaBoar is a Firefox profile optimized to provide privacy and freedom while browsing the web. Unlike other options such as GNU IceCat, Because MagmaBoar is just a Firefox profile, it can easily be modified and used with more modern versions of the web browser.


The MagmaBoar Firefox profile comes with many tweaks (see prefs.js) and extensions which prevents spyware from running in your browser.

Here's a list of extensions:

Something to note is that the LibreJS extension can cause some issues if you visit websites which have non-free JavaScript such as YouTube. To solve the YouTube issue, I included ff2mpv which can send videos to mpv and play them. Otherwise, you can blacklist the websites you need to view but this is going to severely decrease your privacy.

How can I know if this works well or not?

You can check websites like deviceinfo.me which are designed to test your browser's privacy settings.


NOTE: These instructions ONLY apply to GNU/Linux.

First, make sure to install Firefox using your favorite package manager on GNU/Linux.

Then cd ~/.mozilla/firefox/*.default-release. Delete everything in this directory.

Download the tar.gz and unpack it using tar xpf /path/to/tar.gz ; cd magmaboar.

Finally, copy the contents to ~/.mozilla/firefox/*.default-release. If it isn't enabled, type in about:profile and set it as default.

⬇ Download

You can download the latest tar.gz below!


❗Reporting issues

You can create issues on the GitHub repository here.

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