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Download Project 081

WARNING: Project 081 is pretty outdated at this point and may not work as expected or even boot. Main maintainer has moved onto other projects and unless he gets motivation back or someone else takes over, these will likely stay sort of outdated. For up-to-date Project 081, create your own image using the official guide which should be up to date.

This page has all official Project 081 mirrors. Feel free to use any of them. download speeds are very slow so I recommend the other mirrors.

To write a Project 081 image, simply run dd if=X of=Y where X is your Project 081 image and Y is the USB drive you have. To see your drives, run lsblk.

For Windows, you can install gentoo. (or view the installation guide)

Project 081 0.5


This image is for all Macs except iMac8,1 and MacBookPro4.1.

GitHub (Regular) [Download] (Regular) [Download]


This image is for all Macs that require patched sound. This means if you're on an iMac8,1 or MacBookPro4,1 pick this version.

GitHub (iMac8,1/MacBookPro4,1) [Download] (iMac8,1/MacBookPro4,1) [Download]

Older versions of Project 081

Older versions can be found on GitHub or

Mirrors down?

If the mirrors are down, please send me an email so I can fix them.

If you'd like to host your own to support the project, also contact me.