spDE is a Gentoo metapackage which installs all software I use on my computers. It comes with USE flags so you can disable what you don't need/use. After installing this package you should end up with a system fairly close to mine. It can be compared to a post install script like LARBS but cleaner because it uses your existing package manager to install the system.

It is a "sequel" to the now dead original spDE project, which like LARBS was a post-install script which installs my configuration files and packages. Problem with that approach is that it is a lot of work to maintain and there are way too many points of failure. Not to mention it is hard to reverse the process.

I started creating this ebuild after all my builds of software got ebuilds to save time setting up a Gentoo system. It also takes less work to maintain an ebuild because all you need to do is add the programs to the DEPEND variable.

What packages does spDE install?

Read the DEPEND variable in the spDE ebuild.

How do I install spDE?

First off, add my overlay. Then simply run emerge x11-misc/spde as root. Apply required USE changes using dispatch-conf and then U (use).

Then simply startx /usr/bin/speedwm_run provided speedwm is used.